When There Is Nothing Left But Love

Chapter 1857

I saw Nathaniel's expression as he threw threats at the police earlier. That reminded me of how terrifying of a person he was, and my sympathy for him now would turn into a weapon against my family and friends in the future.

"No," I admitted to it calmly. "Just as you've guessed, this is just a trap. You've fallen right into it, Nathaniel."

Having heard that, Nathaniel smiled bitterly. "Really? Luckily..."

"It's not good news for you."

"Now that I'm here, I'm not afraid of anything." Nathaniel gave me a faint smile as if he had seen through the world.

Just then, Ashton arrived and pulled me into his arms. He was afraid to lose me.

Yet, right at that moment, a jeep rushed toward us from the road on our left side. It hit all the police cars which surrounded Nathaniel and instantly came to a halt beside him.

The driver was wearing a bulletproof vest as he fired at the police, trying to force them back.

In the middle of the shower of bullets, the back door of the jeep was pushed open. Garrett suddenly stepped out of the car.

While gripping the back of the front seat with one hand, he shouted at Nathaniel, "Do you believe me now? That woman wants you dead. Get in right now! You're putting everyone here in danger!" Once he finished his words, a bullet shot through his head.

Many snipers were hiding on top of the building, and they were all waiting for that moment.

When Garrett collapsed, everyone else panicked. One of them started screaming, "Nat! Get in, or else we'll have to leave you-"

Before that man even finished speaking, those men collapsed one by one.

In no time, Nathaniel was the only person left alive.

It seemed like he had expected all this as a faint smile was still plastered on his face. Then, he slowly opened his arms, and the gun on his hand was revealed.

At that moment, I clearly saw that he was mouthing some words to me. Yet, before I could see properly, Ashton covered my eyes with his hand.

Bang! Bang! After several gunshots sounded, I heard the sound of a body dropping on the ground.

When Ashton moved his hand away from my eyes, Nathaniel was lying on the ground. He had lost the ability to move.

Under the protection of the crowd, one of the police approached Nathaniel and kicked the gun away from the latter's hand. He checked Nathaniel's pulse before he announced, "He's dead!" Just then, everyone else rushed over and started cleaning up the mess.

Ashton did not want me to witness such a brutal scene, so he led me back to the hospital. Vaguely, I could hear a police shouting, "Boss, his gun is not loaded..."

I could guess that they were talking about him, but I did not ask them further.

How is it possible? He knew that he would die. Nathaniel wasn't stupid.Content belongs to NôvelDrama.Org

The only thing I was certain was the Fullers would no longer live in misfortune anymore.

Two months later, a wedding was held.

Alexander got down on one knee and started weeping. "I'm Alexander Zimmerman. I promise to take care of you for the rest of my life. Emery Moore, will you marry me?"

Even though Emery had been through many struggles in life, she was still moved. She nodded fervently in response. Worrying that she might embarrass herself, she pursed her lips as she stretched out her hand to take the ring.

They kissed passionately and

announced their endless love on the

stage. At the end of the wedding,

Alexander snatched the microphone from the host's hands and pulled Emery to the video camera. He yelled on top of his lungs, "I've found the female lead in my life! Give us your blessings! I'll be happy, and I'll make her happy! I will!"

Ashton stayed at the wedding ceremony from the beginning until the end and left with me.

We did not return home immediately. Instead, he drove toward the best nursing home in K City.

The director of the nursing home led us to his office respectfully before he turned on the projector. Once the light was switched off, three different scenes appeared on the screen.

The first one was Simone feeding Nicolas, who was paralyzed on the bed, in a clean and warm room.

The second scene was Tiffany and her boyfriend doing strengthening exercises in the physiotherapy room. Whereas, the last one was Rebecca.

She was dressed in a hospital gown with the sleeves bound to each other, and she had a clean face with no makeup. With her hair tied into a bun, Rebecca was running around the room like a child, while a nurse was chasing after her. The nurse looked exasperated.

"Why are they..." I thought that the people on the screen had passed away, or even begging on the streets just like Ashton's condition back then.

Ashton's attention was focused on

the people on the screen. He appeared calm as he explained, "Perhaps, didn't know what I want. I wanted them to suffer, but I realized that I couldn't do that. Therefore, I'll just feed them and let them live like normal people. Everyone will go through life and death. In the end, all of us are just ordinary people. Nothing is wrong with living a plain


Yes. Ordinary people live plain lives. Nothing's wrong with it. What's the point of differentiating people with social classes? All of us are going to die in the end anyway.

I hugged him tightly and lay my face on his chest. Feeling his heartbeat, I said, "Do you know that I've always trusted you? I knew you wouldn't change because you're different. You're not a cold-blooded animal. In fact, you're soft-hearted and stubborn. Although you never say it, I understand everything."

"I should thank you then." Self-mockingly, he replied, "When I was undercover, I wanted to punch myself so badly, but you didn't push me away."

Hearing that, I chuckled and punched his chest lightly. "Yes. You have to suffer first. Otherwise, you would be too presumptuous."

Ashton chuckled in response and did not resist me. Suddenly, he took out a medal from his pocket.

Benson gave him the medal. On behalf of the country, he rewarded Ashton with it for contributing to drug enforcement.

Although Ashton's identity could not be revealed, his record was stated in the files. Now, he was a registered soldier.

Moreover, Alexander had promised that if the Fullers were ever threatened in any way, Ashton could use the medal to request help in the army the Zimmerman family was serving in.

"What?" I thought that he was showing off the medal, so I pretended that I did not care about it.

Yet, he took my right hand and carefully put the medal on my palm. In a deep voice, he announced, "Letty, this is the first and only medal of my life. This is a gift for you.”

Knowing the story behind the tiny medal, I felt that it was particularly heavy on my palm.

"A gift for me? Are you willing to do that?" Ashton valued it very much. He had always kept it in the most obvious position in his study.

"I'm willing to. If I could, I would even give you my life," Ashton teased.

"Stop it. You sweet-talker," I whined.

However, Ashton ignored me and pulled me into his embrace again.

"When I was twelve, I wanted to

become a soldier. I insisted that

men should serve in the military at

least once in their life. I want to know how much I can push myself to the limit as I protect this nation want to contribute to it. Not long later, Host my parents. My life was then filled with the drive to avenge their death. I gradually lost my direction, and I didn't know what I want anymore. After that, I met you and fell in love with you. You kept me companied, and found the real me, who I've lost a long time ago. Although it's late now, I want you to know that you've given me this new life, and this precious medal. I love you."


I love you too.

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