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Chapter 391 - Three hundred and eighty-seven posts: Who would remember adding more for the sake of prosperity and emptiness~

Three hundred and eighty-seven posts: Who would remember adding more for the sake of prosperity and emptiness~

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The reason he didn’t hesitate to use personal favors to invite the three people among the hundred swordsmen was because he knew that there were many notable figures in the land of the Beasts, but only Pei Tianlu was a martial artist among the hundred swordsmen. To avoid any uncertainties, he simply gathered the remaining three swordsmen from Xiling to his side. This way, he avoided unnecessary complications. Now it appeared that his move was worthwhile; whether King Chu wished to fight or not, his side would not be at a disadvantage.

The crowd erupted in applause, whispering to each other about Xiao Zheng’s bold response. Despite Prince Chu’s greater fame in Xiling, people subconsciously leaned towards the other side.

It was human nature to enjoy the spectacle of the weak overcoming the strong They eagerly awaited the victory of Xiao Zheng, a man who indulged in eating drinking, and pleasures rather than studying and practicing martial arts. If he’ won, they could then loudly argue there’s no real use in practicing martial arts. However, neither Xiao Zheng nor the crowd realized that the nature of this fight had completely changed after Mi Bai, the remnant of Mi Village, had been introduced by Chu Mi with the news.

In response to Xiao Zheng, Chu Mi simply tilted his head and asked, “If I heard correctly, you just admitted that the painter works for you, didn’t you?” The aggressive Prince Chu’s questioning tactic made Xiao Zheng’s heart tighten. He pondered for a moment, then loudly replied, “I’ve only recently become acquainted with this painter but we get along very well. We consider ourselves good friends and peers. Would you mind releasing him? A gentle scholar like him cannot withstand the sharp claws of the Iron Wing Eagle.” “Good foryou, Gambling Saint!!!” A few young men enthusiastically cheered for Xiao Zheng.

This was what brotherhood was all about. For a good friend, Xiao Zheng was willing to confront the heir of the most powerful family in Xiling, elevating himself to hero status and eliciting cheers and applause from the crowd.

Chu Mi, with a sarcastic expression observing the cheers and applause, turned to Xiao Zheng again and asked: “Since he’s your friend, you wouldn’t just stand by if he was in trouble, right!”

Once again, it was an obvious rhetorical question. Xiao Zheng couldn’t fully grasp Chu Mi’s intentions, but since he’d already spoken, it would be like slapping his own face to pull back now. He could only continue to reply: “Friendship among gentlemen is fair and balanced, sealed with shared goals and kinship. I apologize, but I cannot stand idly by when a friend is in trouble!” The cheers rose again, the people of Xiling seemed starstruck as they watched him.

Although Chu Mi was riding high on the Ice Luan, Xiao Zheng, with his feet firmly on the ground, had undoubtedly won the hearts of the people in this battle. Because of his bullying the weak, Prince Chu was placed on the opposite side of everyone. Some brave men even jeered at him.

But what did Prince Chu from Xiling have to fear!

“Hahaha…” Chu Mi laughed wildly, his eyes full of murderous intent. “Since you wouldn’t stand aside, why not accept your friend’s fate? Did you know that the painter you’ve befriended, is a descendant from the Mi Village from over a decade ago? He’s been living secretly in Xiling, raising dead soldiers for future revenge against the Tang and Mi Clan!”

Standing atop the Ice Luan, Chu Mi pointed at the feeble scholar held captive by the Iron Wing Eagle’s claws and asked Xiao Zheng: “So, Xiao Zheng, are you going to support his revenge?!”

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These keywords sounded like a thunderclap in the ears of the onlookers who were still cheering loudly just a moment ago. They were so shocked that they closed their mouths and the bustling area of Jianglin suddenly fell silent.

Mi Village, the only village eradicated in the last few years, had become a standard example for Xiling’s families to educate their children.

Almost everyone had heard stories of the consequences of “greed without boundaries, illustrated by the fate of the Mi Village. The Tang and Mi clans wiped them out overnight! Don’t bite off more than you can chew…” The people, who had been warned by their clans to just listen to these stories, remained silent when the perpetrator himself suddenly appeared before them. Rebuilding the Mi Village was in direct conflict with the Tang and Mi Clans The powerful members of these two clans had eradicated the Mi Village down to the last chick and dog! To support Mi Bai was equivalent to challenging the two rulers of Xiling. The previously indignant onlookers immediately became quiet as mice, not daring to make a sound. However, all their eyes were now directed towards Xiao Zheng.

At this moment, Xiao Zheng turned pale. He had no idea that Mi Bai was the descendant of Mi Village, otherwise he would have sent him out of Xiling to avoid this sudden revelation putting him in a terribly awkward position.

“Just because you say he is, that doesn’t make it so!” At the critical moment, it was Xiao Ziyu who spoke up, augmenting his voice with Spiritual Power. He ’ addressed Chu Mi coldly standing in mid-air surrounded by two flame dragons “Who doesn’t know that the Mi Village was slaughtered overnight, down to the’ last chicken and dog? Isn’t it ridiculous that given the efficiency of the Wind Media Department of Tang and Mi Clans, there are still survivors left from the village? Just because the painter bears the surname ‘Mi’, you label him a remnant of Mi Village? There are more than a thousand people with the surname ‘Mi’ in Xiling. So can you label anyone a remnant anytime you want and then have them killed?!”

At this moment, the red-robed Xiao Ziyu appeared like a deity in mid-air, surrounded by two flame dragons, radiating boundless power. He had successfully turned the tide of the situation with just a few words. Some young ladies from influential families looked at him with a hint of springtime affection in their eyes.

Hearing Xiao Ziyu’s intervene, Xiao Zheng felt relieved. He knew that Chu Mi wouldn’t make false claims in public. Since he dared to pronounce Mi Bai as a remnant of Mi Village, it must be true. However, Xiao Zheng was absolutely unwilling to admit to it.

Because it was a joint decision by the Tang and Mi Clans to level Mi Village defying the orders of the two leaders of Xiling. As a member of the Xiao Family, being accused of aiding these rebels could put the family in great trouble. Especially because he was the eldest son of Xiao Jinlin, his actions could easily be seen as ordered by Xiao Jinlin himself. Even with vehement denials, nobody would believe him.

Therefore, Xiao Ziyu’s remarks had pulled him from the precarious spot he found himself in, Xiao Zheng exhaled in relief.

However, Chu Mi met Xiao Ziyu’s gaze, his face wreathed in smiles, “Xiao Gongzi really is intelligent and witty. I am even more keen on having a fight with you now!”

He made a gesture to Pei Tianlu behind him. Pei Tianlu jumped off the Iron Wing Eagle, clutching a beast talisman to rescue Mi Bai from the giant beast’s claws, grabbed his shoulder and delivered him to the center of the field.

Once brought to the center of Jianglin, the scholar dusted off the frost on his clothes, took a deep breath to calm his trembling body, looked up at Chu Mi on the Luan Bird, his voice was calm but firm, “What you want is me, leave the children out of this!”

As soon as the scholar spoke, Xiao Ziyu and Xiao Zheng’s faces turned pale!

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