I Love You, Miss Genius

Chapter 912

Bonnie felt a substantial sense of warmth in her chest, feeling the importance of Sigmund's words. She said, "Thank you for being so considerate of me, Grandpa."Content belongs to NôvelDrama.Org

Sigmund laughed heartily, saying, "There's no need for such formalities. It's getting late, and you must be hungry. Come one, let's eat."

"Okay, Grandpa." Bonnie followed Sigmund and sat down. Immediately after, the housekeepers served the dishes while the duo chatted. Ivor even chimed in occasionally, creating a harmonious and pleasant atmosphere.

After the meal, Ivor told Floyd to bring the gifts to Sigmund. The older man was surprised, saying, "Oh my! You finally know how to be considerate and bring your grandpa gifts, Ivor?"

Ivor's lips twitched. "Even though Bonnie bought these gifts, I've given you plenty over the years. You didn't need to say that.”

Sigmund only heard the first part of Ivor's sentence and ignored the latter half. The former said, "I knew my granddaughter-in-law was the best. I'd be overjoyed if you had half her filial piety, Ivor." Ivor was speechless.

'Well, praising my future wife is equivalent to honoring me. I'll stop overthinking it.'

Bonnie smiled as she helplessly watched Ivor and Sigmund banter. Even so, she enjoyed the warm-hearted atmosphere.

Ivor noticed Sigmund examining the supplements Bonnie had gifted him. Ivor asked, "Granpa, how are the wedding invitations going? Are they ready?"

"I prepared them long ago," Sigmund responded before telling the butler, "Go to the innermost cabinet in my room and bring them the invitations."

"Right away, sir." The butler quickly went upstairs and did as Sigmund said.

The older man looked at Bonnie pridefully and said, "I guarantee you'll love the invitation design, Bonnie!"

Bonnie nodded. "Your taste is impeccable, Grandpa. Of course, they must be excellent."

Sigmund felt flattered, grinning as he said, "You always know what to say."

Bonnie chuckled as the butler brought down the invitations. Sigmund took them and placed

them before the couple. "Telnet




Bonnie examined the invitations and noticed the white background with gold edges. They looked elegant and grand. "I love them, GrandpabYour taste is immaculate, as always."

She took one of the invitations and added, "Would you mind if I take this one first? I want to send it to a friend abroad."

Sigmund waved dismissively. "No

problem at all. Since it's yours andet

Ivor's wedding, you can send it to

r you like."

"Thanks," Bonnie replied, planning to send the invitation to Andreas tomorrow.

As she thought about that, Ivor's attractive voice sounded, "Are you sending that to Andreas?"

Bonnie nodded. "Yeah, I am."

Then, she raised her brow at Ivor and teased, "Are you jealous?"

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