His Beloved Ex-Wife

Chapter 703

Chapter 703 Someone Is Watching You From Behind 

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Lysander started to take a detour, deliberately heading towards the brightly lit areas where the security guards were stationed. The person following them started to keep a distance, but still maintained within a range where they could still be sighted. 

As she was contemplating whether to head straight home, Rhizone appeared at the crossroad ahead. He rushed over and called out, “Dr. Thorne, you left something behind! Grandma Susan asked me to bring it to you!” 

Holding a milk bottle, Rhizone rushed over to Lysander. He lowered his voice as he said, “Dr. Thorne, someone is watching you from behind.” 

Rhizone was young, but his strength and courage were astonishing. His presence here was a source of reassurance for Lysander. She whispered to him, “I know. This person means trouble. We should head home as soon as possible before he notices us.” 

Stalkers were afraid of being discovered. Seeing that Lysander had another child accompanying her, the stalker became even more cautious, afraid of targeting the wrong person. 

Rhizone followed Lysander closely with one hand resting on the baby stroller, always ready to protect Aurora. He didn’t dare to let his guard down until they reached the entrance of the Guerra family’s old house. 

Once they got home, they were safe. 

Only then did Lysander dare to turn around. However, as if knowing that the cover was blown, the stalker immediately fled in a car, leaving behind no clues. 

It was Rhizone who spoke un “Dr Thorne I’ve been keening an eve on him for 


Charter Someone is Watching you from Behind 

you. The license plate number is… Content belongs to NôvelDrama.Org

Although his memory was not as good compared to Nilou’s, it was quite 


impressive when compared to his peers. He only needed a glance to remember the license plate number. 

By the time Josiah returned home, Rhizone had already been bathed by the housekeepers. Josiah entrusted Nilou to Eleanor and immediately went to see Lysander. 

If he didn’t see her soon, he would no longer have the energy to keep up with the scheme of charming Tiffany. 

With some effort, Lysander had finally managed to coax Aurora to sleep. She was gently patting Aurora’s back, hoping to help the latter sleep more soundly. 

Upon hearing the sound of the door being pushed open, she didn’t even have time to determine the identity of the newcomer. Instead, she immediately gestured for the person to remain silent. 

The heavy curtains were closed, with only a dim night lamp left on by the bedside. Its soft glow was cast upon her face, lending her an almost ethereal and serene 


Josiah suddenly felt a warm current flowing across his heart. He stood by the bedside and observed them quietly for a while before changing into his lounge clothes in the adjacent room. 

After he saw Lysander interacting with the baby, his exhaustion was instantly swept away. If he could ensure that her life could be as peaceful and blissful as it was at that moment, he was willing to continue using his charm as bait. 

Everything was worth it. 

Once Aurora drifted off to sleep with a smile lingering on her face, Lysander beckoned Josiah over, indicating she had something to discuss with him privately. 

Josiah was shocked to hear that she and Aurora had been followed. “Rhizone memorized the license plate number. I don’t have the resources or connections to investigate this, so I can only ask you to look into it. If it really has something to do with Elio, we need to be extra cautious.” 

“Okay, I’ll have someone look into it immediately.” Josiah couldn’t stand any 



Chapter 703 Someone is Watching You From Behind 

mistakes or threats, especially those that would threaten Lysander. 

Roughly half an hour later, he received the results of the investigation. 

“The license plate number belongs to a manager working at Riveron Corporation. It has no connection to Elio.” 

Lysander looked at Aurora, finally feeling at ease. She half–jokingly said, “Seems like your strategy to charm her with your looks is progressing quite swiftly. They’ve already sent someone to monitor me after a meal.” 

Although Josiah felt worried, he said gently and firmly, “Give me some time. I’ll sort everything out as quickly as possible.” 

At this point, Tiffany had become like a venomous snake lurking in the shadows, eyeing them intently. If they continued to play by the rules, they risked being unexpectedly bitten. 

Josiah made a silent resolution. He gently told Tiffany, “You should go to sleep first. I’ll stay here for a while. If Aurora wakes up, I’ll call you immediately.” 

It was the Aurora’s first time sleeping there, so it was only natural for her to kick up a fuss during the night. 

Lysander was physically and mentally exhausted. She had also taken a hot bath before putting Aurora to sleep. Feeling relieved after hearing what Josiah said, she quickly drifted off to sleep. 

Josiah gently covered her with a blanket before sitting by the bed and watching over her with a soft, tender gaze. 

Susan was still worried about Aurora, so she made a special visit to check on them before she went to sleep. Seeing Josiah gazing at Lysander and Aurora with such warmth and tenderness, she couldn’t help but say softly, “Had you not insisted on causing such a fuss back then, the girl sleeping next to you now would have been your daughter.” 

Josiah had always insisted that the child he and Lysander didn’t get the chance to have was a girl. Over time, Susan came to believe him too. From time to time, she would express her sorrow for her granddaughter who had passed away prematurely. 

Upon hearing this, Josiah felt as if he’d been stabbed in the heart. Yet, as he looked 


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at the serene scene before him, he softly replied, “There will be a time in the future. 

The following morning, while Lysander and the children were still deep in sleep, he had already arrived at the office to prepare the documents needed for the day

After Carol arrived at the company, the first task was to convene an impromptu meeting. He summoned all the management staff who were still in Harborbrook. 

In the past, urgent situations like these always involved the company’s future. operations. Everyone present at the meeting sat upright, barely daring to breathe. 

Josiah was acutely aware of how precious time was. He promptly signaled Carol to distribute the printed documents to everyone present. 

“Riveron Corporation’s businesses have a high degree of substitutability. Our previous collaboration had already ended. Rather than allowing them to distribute the benefits, it would be better to negotiate with several other companies. For instance, Everhart Corporation is fully capable of producing similar products. I have already selected potential partners for consideration.” 

He had worked through the night to devise this plan. As his intent was to stifle any potential opposition, he had even thought about his backup plans. He was confident that even an immediate termination of the partnership with Riveron Corporation would not impact Guerra Group’s operations. 

This decision, however, did come quite unexpectedly. 

Someone cautiously objected, “Mr. Guerra, we’ve always had a harmonious working relationship with Riveron Corporation. Wouldn’t abruptly cutting ties stir up rumors? The stock market is about to open soon. If news gets out, it can have repercussions.” 

“You make a valid point.” Josiah nodded expressionlessly. “Let’s issue another statement then, declaring that our company will no longer collaborate with 

Riveron Corporation in any capacity. As for the reason, a follow–up statement will be released no later than this afternoon.” 


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